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Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 11:00am
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37° 43' 26.76" N, 119° 5' 16.08" W
Snowpit Observations
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Left the June Mtn Ski Area boundary from the top of J7 and did the ridge traverse SW to the bottom of the Goat Trail. Up the Goat Trail to the top of the knob just SE of the Hourglass. Skied the N aspect of the knob to Yost Meadow and then traversed back into the resort.

No signs of instability anywhere today. The general picture was of 2 snowpacks (or lack there of) existing simultaneously depending on aspect and elevation (and sometimes tree cover). Northerly aspects still held cold wintry snow that varies between soft surface facets, wind deposited, and wind stripped depending on elevation and exposure. Southerly aspects and lower elevations had spring corn snow that it time-of-day dependent/melt-freeze. See photo taken on the E ridge of the Goat Trail looking up slope at a NE aspect just a few yards away from a SE aspect. Two sets of temps taken. 1st on was 9600' on a SE aspect below the Goat Trail: Tair = 7.5 deg C, Tsurf = 0, Surface = Moist melt-freeze clusters (MFcl). 2nd site was on a N aspect at 10,500': Tair = 0 deg C, Tsurf = -7, Surface = Dry surface facets.

There were a few old rollerball trails on E and S slopes (see photo of old rollerballs near the bottom of 3D Chute), but no signs of new wet releases today by noon.

Light to moderate N winds at upper elevations throughout the day. One isolated area of blowing snow was observed along San Joaquin Ridge (see photo) where the snow was being stripped off the top of the ridge and blown onto the bare SW facing slope over the ridge. No other blowing snow visible from June.

Snowpack photos: 
SE vs. NE aspects
Previous Rollerballs Near Bottom of 3D Chute
Lone Area of Wind Transport on San Joaquin Ridge
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