Mt Morrison - East Face

Mt. Morrison - East Face
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Saturday, February 13, 2016 - 11:00am
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37° 33' 38.2896" N, 118° 51' 29.3904" W
Snowpit Observations
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Toured out of convict lake, up moraine, south along the base on Mini-Morrison, up and down East Face of Morrison.  

-No signs of wet slide activity today (atleast up until 1:30pm).  Some evidence of rollerball activity from prior days.    

-Ski penetration on E to SE facing, variable from barely penetrating at all up to about 8cm.  

-10:45am - 800' below summit (~11,400') on SE facing slope, top 5cm of snow moist at one location, but more and less depending on slight variation to aspect.  In some locations ~10,900', SE facing, surface supported skis well, but did not support booting (only required for short distance.)    

-Calm winds except for right at the ridgetop, light wind from out of the NW.  No visible snow transporting anywhere today.  

-Some high clouds in the morning, obscuring sun slightly until about 9:30, then clear skies.  Descended from summit at 11:15, which seemed to be fairly ideal for this slightly south of east facing slope.  Not too soft, just right ... great turns top to bottom :-)

-Areas of windboard/breakable crusts along base of mini-morrison seem to be faceting, and skiing ease is improving.  

-Pit dug near top of moraine above convict lake, 8100', N facing slope.  See attached profile.  Upper 30cm of soft faceted snow (albeit rounding when looked at with scope), ontop of thick ~30cm melt-freeze layer, ontop of 30cm of basal facets which are definitely rounding.  CT tests did not fail.  Of note though, the columns wobbled above the ground upon isolation, but this was due to the fact of the ground being covered by small bushes and these affected stability of column.  Snow even at this relatively low location was dry all the way to surface (this was in an open area amongst open bushes)

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High clouds in the morning, then clear by about 9:30.  Calm winds except for ridgetop (light form NW).  Warm day.  (8 degrees C (46 deg F) at 8100') on N facing slope.   

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