Morrison Col

Morrison Col
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Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 1:00pm
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Rapid warming
37° 33' 48.348" N, 118° 51' 11.3724" W
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Went for a tour out of Convict Lake around Mini Morrison, over Morrison Col, down to Convict Lake, and back to the TH.  

Baselayer from the car around 0830; it was warm today.  Rounding the southern corner of Mini Morrison and hiking up the southeasterly face towards the col around 10am, the snow surface was moist with minor gloping underfoot even with skin wax.  Coverage is still pretty good though patches are starting to melt out (see photo).  We saw isolated small windslabs just on the NW side of col that dinnerplated when kicked as well as minor cornice formation towards the SE.  Skiing down from the col into the hanging valley of Mt. Morrison was pleasantly surportable wind board.  There was a minor breakable crust present on the more W facing slopes on the back side of Mini Morrison.  

We dug in at 10,100' on an open west slope.  HS 105cm.  5cm P hard supportable wind slab on top, 5cm 1F, 1cm 4F, 12cm of 1F, then the rest 1F -> P until the 3-5cm of loose facets with the talus.  CTM 11 resistant planar 10cm down at thin 4F layer.  More decomposing buried SH?  We couldn't tell.  CTM 16 resistant planar and ECTP 13 at 85cm, below the 12cm of 1F.  The propogating fracture was irregular.  

Skiied all the way to the lake trail and then skinned back, passing substantial old wet slab avi debris that came from the N gulley on Mini Morrison.  Not sure when it occured, but not today .. there were ski and board tracks across the debris. The path was backlight and hard to see many details.  

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