Mini- Morrison, Convict Lake

Mini- Morrison, Convict Lake
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Monday, May 1, 2017 - 2:45pm
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Mini- Morrison, Convict Lake 37° 34' 19.5744" N, 118° 50' 40.5744" W
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Toured up Mini-Morrison to assess the melt/freeze conditions.  Air temp at the trailhead (elev. 7600’) 15C @ 900AM. The snowpack around the lake is going fast. Short walk through sage to get to the snow filled creek bed that breaches the moraine south of the lake. The small chutes that spill off the moraine are now strips terminating in sage. Snow surface corn snow, penetration ~ 3 - 5cm. Above ~ 8300’, coverage good. Continued skirting the east side of Mini-Morrison giving the East Chutes a little room incase there was any new Loose Wet releases. Observed 2 Loose Wet debris fields in separate chutes, originating ~9600’, approx., 1 day old, East aspect, fairly steep terrain, looked to have originated from rock bands. Noted many of the chutes had Glide Cracks on southeast exposures where the snowpack is thinnest, one was entirely wall to wall glide cracks. Observed a small glide slide that had shifted but the stauchwall buckled up into a retaining wall stopping it from gaining further momentum. Pretty cool. Had it started slightly lower it would have gone the basin floor, possibly entraining a good deal of snow. Recommend giving these things a good deal of clearance. Snow penetration on ascent 5 cm penetration on NW-N-NW aspects from 8400’ -  9400’, Air temp 16C at 1100. Occasional light Northeasterly winds provided brief respite from the oppressive heat. Ascending into Old Man’s Bowl penetration 5 – 10 cm, firm and supportive underneath unless you approached shallow areas along the north flank near the ridgetop where the snow became somewhat punchy. Loose Wet debris from 2 to 3 days previous along the south flank of Old Man’s Bowl originating from the top, running ¼ . Aspect NE. Looked to be shallow, and running thin melt freeze crust. Saw another party descending from Morrison Col , looked good but a bit brushy by the lake. Skiing – corn, not too sticky overall. A bit of sage-brushing at the end. Spoke to a party at the Trailhead who had been up in the Hippy Chutes. Nothing exciting to report but nice skiing. If you want to ski the Convict Lake /Mini Morrison without much walking, do it sooner than late. 

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