Minaret Vista Area Obs

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Monday, January 8, 2018 - 4:15pm
Red Flags: 
Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
37° 38' 43.6776" N, 119° 3' 18.8388" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

Sierra Mountain Center AIARE Level 1 toured today from Mammoth Main Lodge out towards Minaret Vista and onto Smuggler's to make observations. With a complex list of avalanche problems and weather factors our confidence was low so we chose conservative terrain. Yesterday in a similar area we found the 25cm of snow sitting on the 1/4 rain crust with facets above and below. CTM16 Q1(SC) and CTH21 Q1 (SC) results failing both above and below this crust.

Today up to 10cm of new, moist snow fell while we were on our tour, and did while not showing any slab signs did fail under moderate force using hand shears and kick turn tests. Column tests showed the persistent crust/facet layer to still be reactive, with CTM19 SC results down 35cm on top of this crust, which in this location was beginning to facet out from the bottom. Did not do any large column tests. 


Weather Observations
Blowing Snow: 
Cloud Cover: 
100% of the sky covered by clouds
Air temperature: 
Above Freezing
Wind Speed: 
Air temperature trend: 
Wind Direction: 
Accumulation rate: 
Less than 1 in. per hour
More detailed information about the weather: 

S1 at times, though most of the day was S1-.

Did not observe sustained blowing snow or threshold winds as of 1400 at 9700'.


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