McGee - SE Gully - Warming and small loose wets slides

McGee Mtn - SE Gully
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Sunday, March 17, 2019 - 11:00am
37° 33' 52.7724" N, 118° 48' 40.2516" W
Snowpit Observations
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Toured up and down the SE Gully on McGee Mtn. from near 395.  Left car ~ 7:30am, back to car just before noon.  Cold inversion this morning with temps in the low teens at 7000' at 7:30am.  Full sun all morning, not a breath of wind or a cloud.  

-9am, 8,500', SE aspect, 22° slope: 48°F.  Slight surface moistening, boot penetration ~5cm, less than 1cm ski penetration.  

-9,800', East aspect, came across small debris pile from wet loose slide that occured yesterday.  R1-D1, ~20' wide debris pile, not enough to burry someone, but definitely enough to take someone off there feet and carry them.  Started from rock band at 10,250'.  See attached photo.  

-10:45, Summit (10,800'): Air temp=36.5°F.  Still not a breath of wind or a cloud.

-11:30am, East aspect, 10,350', witnessed tiny loose wet point release, again initiating off warming rocks.  See attached video. 

-Dug test pit at 10,275', SE aspect at 11am.  See attached profile.  ECTX, CTHx2 Q1 ~40cm down in a less dense layer.  Top 50cm of snowpack here isothermal, but only top ~5cm actually moist.  

-11:30am, 8,275', ESE aspect: ski penetration ~2-3cm (see attached photo).

*Skinning was mostly easy with a few firm skiddish spots.  Ski crampons would have been nice in a couple spots, but manageable without up to ~9800' when slope steepened and got more firm.  Switched to booting, which was comfortable and secure (boot pen 10cm to boot top) without crampons.   

*Smooth consistent turns top to bottom thru moist surface snow sitting ontop of supportable firm crust.  Beautiful spring day!  Timing seemed right-on to be skiing down between 10:30-11:30am on this terrain today.  

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