McGee Creek - Loose point releases, conditions

Esha Cyn - Wine Glass
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Sunday, March 31, 2019 - 3:00pm
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37° 32' 1.0896" N, 118° 48' 14.3568" W
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Crack of noon start up McGee creek to check on slope warming during this calm warm day starting with blue skies.  Went up Esha Canyon, up east facing bowl, and down NW to W facing Wine Glass couloir. Plenty of evidence of small recent loose-wet slides on east and west facing rocky terrain (see attached pics), some from today, some from previous 2 days.  A couple VERY small skier triggered loose dry sloughs on N facing slopes at 12,000' on Esha peak proper, likely from skier earlier today and/or yesterday (see attached pic).  Hand pits testing old wind deposit at various locations throughout route were unconcerning.  No signs of instability other than the loose wet slides originating from warming rocky terrain.  Went up east bowl as that slope was beginning to cool and refreeze ~2:45, beginning to get crunchy but ideal ski penetration and secure skinning.  West facing terrain in Wine Glass was still transitional until the very bottom apron which had more corn like snow.  NW facing terrain in the gully was very variable, some dense soft, other parts a soft breakeble crust ... challenging skiing except for the top 500' feet above where the bowl begins to choke, and the bottom apron.  Lower low-angle slopes coming out McGee Canyon had a nice thin supportable layer of corn at ~4:45pm.  Reports and appearance of turns on easterly facing slopes on McGee looked like quite good spring skiing.   

-11:30am under McGee Mtn (7100'): Air temp 41°F (5°C), calm winds, blue skies, ski pen <1cm.

-12:30am at pack station (7780'): Air temp 45°F (7.5°C).

-1:00pm at 8700' NNW facing 33° slope: slightest bit of surface moistening, skins beginning to glop for a bit.

-1:50pm at 10,000' NNE facing 37° slope: No surface moistening, cold dry snow.

-2:15pm at 10,500': periods of light downslope (southerly) wind.  High thin clouds beginning to develop.

-2:45pm at 10,600' E facing slope: Snow beginning to refreeze, boot pen=boot top, wet grains atleast down 2ft+.  

-3:30pm at 11,500' (ridgetop above Wine Glass Couloir): solid light south winds, 36°F (2°C), 3/4 of sky covered in high clouds.  

-4:30pm back at pack station: 3/4 cloud cover, 48°F (9°C), flat snow still very supportable, a couple cm ski penetration.  

*Creek crossing at the pack station had nice solid snow bridges, and upstream closer to wine glass the creek was completely covered with deep snow.   

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