Many wet slides on Tinemaha east face above 10k

Mt. Tinemaha


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Dan Chirpich
Monday, April 8, 2019 - 11:30am
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Above Treeline
10 800ft.
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Virtually all drains on Mt. Tinemaha had wet point releases by mid afternoon. The attached photo shows extent of slope vomit. It looks as though all the action originated above 10k. Conditions were similar to Chris's report the same day on Split. Turned around at 10.8k at 11:30 when a release big enough to pull a skier down a hundred feet or two let go. The skiing kicked off moderate pin wheeling, but the rollerballing was lazy enough to casually outski. The natural releases did clean off the surface snow in sheets, but the skiing didn't. The snow below 10.8k was more mature than wet pow, but it was very unsupportive when the skiing wasn't on a prior slide surface.


The main ascent drain below 10k was a supportive wet slide bed surface from a huge wet slide that is quite old. It skied well on the way down, but it was too firm for ski crampons to penetrate on the way up despite the weak freeze the night prior. The extent of how weak the freeze was wasn't apparent skinning up it. We actually waited at 9k for quite awhile for the sun to come out because we were worried it wouldn't and we'd have to descend the icy bed surface.


Temp at the vehicle at 6.5k in the early afternoon was 80 degrees.

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Mt. Tinemaha 37° 2' 13.8516" N, 118° 23' 24.3348" W
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