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Mammoth Rock, NE trees
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 12:30pm
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Went for a tour today above Mammoth rock to see how surface instabilities were settling out.  I noted numerous natural avalanches from the last storm cycle and a couple that looked more recent.  Most of these slides appeared to be wind slabs on the ridgeline and seemed to be small size D1.  One old crown in the Mammoth rock bowl appeared to be larger though it was hard to tell precisely given the new snow that had filled it in.  I noted some small shooting cracks on steep rollovers but no other signs of instability were observed today.

Ski pen was about 50 cm along my tour today, and boot pen was about 80cm.  The height of the new snow averaged out at 150 cm, and significant settlement cones were already apparent around many trees.   Significant wind transport was noted at upper elevations today, and small wind skin was observed even at lower elevations.  

Digging in on an NE aspect around 9300’ I found a very right side up snowpack.  Compression tests highlighted a few weaknesses within the new storm snow though I did not see propagation in my extended column test. I was able to find some buried near surface facets above the melt-freeze crust at the new old interface, but this layer was uncreative to my tests. Overall the snowpack seems to be accepting the new load well.  

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