Mammoth Rock

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Monday, April 10, 2017 - 3:00pm
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37° 36' 38.5128" N, 118° 59' 35.592" W
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Toured up from the end of Old Mammoth Rd behind Mammoth Rock to the top of the Hose to track how well storm slabs and wind slabs were bonding after the recent storm. Stomped on cornices on Sherwin Ridge, skied back down the same way.

1340 next to Mammoth Rock- Hand shears pulling with moderate force at 10cm and 30cm down at F/4F hardness differences in the storm snow. Storm snow is settling and beginning to bond. Many settlement cones developing around trees (see photo).

1400 top of the Poop Chute- Kick tests on test slopes had no results.

1415 at 9300', NE aspect on the wind loaded ridge behind Mammoth Rock, 20 degree slope- Quick snowpack tests had mixed results indicating good fracture initiation but unlikely propagation on faceted crystals that are beginning to bond within the storm snow: CTM SP down 21cm on a thin layer of facets at a F/4F interface in the storm snow. CTM SP down 32cm on a thin layer of facets at a 4F/F interface in the storm snow. CTH RP down 60cm just above the old/new interface. PST 35/100 Arr and 62/100 Arr, both down 32cm. PST 43/100 Arr and 75/100 Arr, both down 21cm. ECTN11 down 21cm.

1500 at 9800', NNW aspect on a wind loaded slope just below the Sherwin Ridge, 32 degree slope- Another quck snow pit to further test wind slabs. ECTP. (See attached profile.) While one large column test showed propensity for fracture propagation, no other evidence supported the result. Only localized cracking on some kick turn tests, no shooting cracks, test slopes had no results. Wind slabs seem to trending more stubborn to trigger near the Sherwin Ridge.

1530 on the Sherwin Ridge above the Hose- Stomped on cornices with no results (see video).

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