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Mammoth Mtn - Fresno Bowl, Hemlock Ridge
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Monday, January 18, 2021 - 1:30pm
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37° 37' 46.4844" N, 119° 2' 7.6524" W
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Looking for a relatively quick option to check how mid-elevation southerly facing snow was transitioning today, so chose to head off the backside of Mammoth Mtn into Fresno Bowl.  Then headed over to Hemlock Ridge down north-westerly facing terrain to poke a hole in the snow.

Strong NE winds at upper elevations actually decreased throughout the day, but at noon were still resulting in small amounts of granular snow transport over the ridgetop of Mammoth. Blue skies with no clouds after mid-morning, much cooler temps than yesterday.  Picked my way thru barespots from Chair 23 (top gondola was just opening at that time after being on wind hold) to Fresno Bowl, the southerly facing slopes surfaces were getting moist, but SW was crunchy firm.  

-12:15pm @10,500', 188° South aspect: Top 5cm of snow was loose moist 4 finger hard ontop of pencil hard moist snow to the ground (50cm total snow depth).  Breezy northerly winds here, full sunshine with no clouds.  

Traversed/climbed back over to Hemlock ridge and headed down NW facing terrain which was cold snow either soft and faceted or where trees had warmed it previously a bit crunchy on top. Below ~9350' even wide areas between trees had a frozen melt freeze crust ~1cm thick ontop.  Dug a pit @ 9500', see attached profile.  Basal facets were quite rounded, and soon would call them simply rounds.  ECTX.     

No stability concerns found. 

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