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Josh Feinberg
Monday, January 9, 2017 - 9:15am
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Sunday Morning (1/8):  Widespread avalanches triggered by explosives and ski cuts throughout mountain at all elevations.  12" crowns around Lincoln Mtn (10,000'), propagating across entire ridglines.  Up to 36" crowns on main lodge side  - upper cliffs (9,600'), lower cliffs.  Debris from gun shots on upper mtn from Scottys and Paranoids running far down the mtn with debris piles 6ft deep in bristlecone and running within 10ft of the patrol avalanche closure near Terry's run.  

Monday Morning (1/9):  1-1.5" think rain crust on surface in the Bear, with several inches of dense snow ontop at 9am.  Thick dense snow underlying rain crust.  Slopes at 9,800' 7-8" new dense snow ontop of 2-3" moist slush layer.  Lincoln Mtn: 1-2' crowns top of Avy 1 & 2 (new blown in snow sliding ontop of bullet proof ice crust from yesterday / lastnight's rain layer freezing).  Several patrollers hitting ice layer, loosing edges and going for scary slides.        

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37° 38' 15.9072" N, 119° 1' 30.6912" W
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