Mammoth Crest wind transport

Red Cone area
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 2:00pm
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Rapid warming
37° 35' 31.5924" N, 119° 1' 22.6596" W
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I started my day today descending the backside of Mammoth Mountain into the lakes basin. Even by mid-morning the southern aspect exposed to the direct sun was wet and sticky, and roller balls were beginning to form from my turns.   As I made my way up Red Cone ridge, I noted lots of shedding occurring on surrounding trees as well as significant settlement cones.  Above treeline, I found obvious signs of the recent north winds.   Recent scouring, cross-loaded areas, Impressive sastrugi build up and stubborn wind slab on leeward terrain features.  No cracking wumphing or recent avalanches were noted on this tour.
Surface conditions were variable, and aspect played a significant role in the travel experience.  I found supportable wind board, breakable wind board (10-20cm) in areas of wind deposit, wet sticky snow on southerly aspects and in lower elevation areas with indirect sun, and I found cold pleasant powder skiing on shaded northern aspects.  

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