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Mammoth Crest
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Wednesday, December 30, 2020 - 4:15pm
Mammoth crest 37° 36' 14.4036" N, 119° 2' 21.8832" W
Snowpit Observations
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The north wind had hit the Mammoth Crest with much more gusto than VA Lakes yesterday. The due North aspects on Red Cone bowl and Hollywood chute were completely stripped of snow down to rock for the first 300vertical feet or so. There were large unwieldy drifts on ridge top with soft wind deposited surfaces as I headed west to the far NW western end of the crest towards Mammoth Pass. It was overcast with varying layers of cloud cover today with warm temperatures. It was 34F @ 10,500ft @ 1130am. NW aspects had wavy wind ribbon features which were soft and from where I tested them, unreactive today. I heartily stomped on quite a few fat looking wind deposits today at tree line and could not get any to move today. Could see North wind flagging the highest part of the Mammoth Crest to the south mid-morning today, but it was relatively calm when I was on top of the ridge today late morning.

Definitely an upside down snowpack averaging 60-90cm below treeline and really not much more where I probed above 10000ft. Sheltered surface powder still remained in the trees, but above that most northerly terrain was quite wind affected. Open E-S-W aspects have been getting nipped by the sun and had minor sun crust development and significantly more settlement in the new snow from Sun/Mon.

Dug in on a WNW aspect and found 75cm of snow with an upside down structure. Fractures occurred in the hard category on aCT test at the facet interface near the ground.  Did not get any propagation on an ECT. PST’s showed propagation propensity, but not in the “poor” category.

Doesnt seem to be much energy in our hollow shallow pack and conditions in this area were overall stable today. Again, waiting for a large weight increase to tip the balance.



Snow pit @ 10,159ft, 304WNW Aspect, 38deg slope

HS: 75cm

CT24 Q2 @ facet interface 45cm below surface


PST 60/100 End

PST 35/100 SF

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