Mammoth Area - Lakes Basin -snow conditions

Mammoth crest and Mammoth Pass area
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Friday, March 6, 2020 - 1:30pm
Mammoth crest 37° 36' 16.488" N, 119° 1' 37.0272" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

It was quite the warm and blustery day out there. Cloud cover was not heavy enough to block much of the solar input, but the consistent strong SW winds certainly helped cool warming surfaces so that Southerly aspects did not become completely saturated and wet.

At 10500ft @130pm it was 36F and at 9500ft @ 230pm it was 41F.

Actually found good corn skiing with moderately developed 5mm grains on a due South aspect at 100pm. Due south slopes with a good tilt to the sun, (over 30deg angle) have gone through repetitive melt freeze cycles and no longer had remnant  new snow left from last weekend’s storm. The particular slope I was on was also supportable where there was at least 30cm of total snow.

 Ski pen=5cm and Boot pen=10cm.  182deg South slope @ 10500ft @ 130pm

Conditions were another story in lower elevations within forested terrain where it was about the most manky, sticky horrible surface conditions imaginable. Truly great conditions to hyper extend your knee.  Although it was supportable, glopping to the skins, re-freezing temperature crusts on shaded east and north aspects, and wet saturated surfaces made for slow and unpleasant travel. It was good to see though really what was happening after last nights above freezing temps and very warm day time temperatures to finish off this week. I could push some very minor pinwheels down on NW rolls where there was still some wet powder.

Did not see any significant wet activity anywhere. Higher N-NE aspects below the Mammoth crest were mostly stripped, firm without any reactive or fresh wind slab in the Hollywood chute area.

Snowpack photos: 

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