Lundy - South aspect moist snow to ground above treeline

South side of Black Mtn
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Monday, February 22, 2021 - 1:00pm
38° 2' 5.7876" N, 119° 17' 5.9136" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

Headed up to Lundy Canyon to explore how southerly aspects were warming today with the significant increase in air temp, sunny skies and low winds.  Beautiful spring-like day today in Lundy Canyon.  Blue skies, except some light clouds rolled in after 1pm.  Snowmobiled in from 2mi before the dam to the summer trailhead (a couple small bare patches of of pavement on the road).  Headed up to Burro Lake and booted up and skied several south facing shots on Black Mtn. Mostly calm winds with occasional light easterly gusts midslope, with consistent light south winds over ridgetops.

-Ridgetop at 11,300' at 10:40am: -2°C, light south wind blowing.

-11:30am, due South aspect: Total snowdepth thigh-deep, and wet to ground/isothermal  Boot pen up to boot top, minor ski penetration.    

-1:15pm, 10,300': air temp = +2°C.

Snow remained supportable to skis at least until 1:30pm on southerly aspects from 11,400 - 8200'. Bootpen above 9,500' on southerlies mostly remained boot-top, except occasional spots near shallow rocks where it was thigh deep at 1:15pm.  Top 10-20cm of snow quite wet by this time.  

Signs of minor rollerballing from yesterday and today, with occasional beachball sized rollers initiated with ski turns around 10,500' around 1:30pm. Also, evidence of a hunk of cornice failing likely yesterday was seen in one spot below a rocky ridgeline on a south facing ~10,400'.  

Southerly facing terrain still a bit transitional above ~10,500', but some quite nice smooth and supportable turns mid-day on open south and southwest terrain below this elevaton.        

Snowpack photos: 
rollerballs from skiing - south facing terrain10,700' at 1:30pm
Small hunk of cornice that failed naturally likely yesterday for south facing slope
Ski tracks south facing slope 12:30pm
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