Lundy Cyn - Gilcrest - Warming snow and loose wet on North slopes

Gilcrest Mtn
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Monday, April 1, 2019 - 1:30pm
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38° 0' 39.0996" N, 119° 13' 48.7776" W
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Toured up and down the north facing gullies of Gilcrest from 7800'-11600'.  Patchy clouds in the morning thickened by late morning.  Plenty of small loose wet activity all day on northerly facing slopes (NE-N-NW) due to the warm air temps and cloud cover's greenhouse effect.  Northerly facing slopes above 9000' were likely cold and dry before today, but today changed all that.  A good bit of natural activity from rockbands, as well as across steeper slopes, and ski turns triggered many rollerballs and pinwheels.  Nothing big enough today here to knock a skier off their feet, but enough to be a big heads up if entering steeper confined terrain.  No wind here today at all even at 11,600'.  A few moments of light flurries around 1pm ... wierd feeling with such warm feeling air!    Northerly facing snow was quite manky, and skiing was challenging.  Surfaces of easterly or westerly facing terrain features      had gone thru previous melt freeze cycles and were much more supportable.   

On drive back noted some small loose wet slides on the north face of Wood and Lewis, and a D1 skier triggered loose slide in the main Bardini Chute (hard to tell if it was wet though with binoculars ... debris looked more loose-dry...)

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