Lundy Canyon - snow conditions

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Gilcrest peak
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Friday, March 29, 2019 - 8:30pm
38° 0' 57.7476" N, 119° 13' 22.1268" W
Snowpit Observations
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Toured up on the NE side of Gilcrest peak today and stayed below treeline making it up to 9787ft. We avoided the more open exposed alpine terrain and wind loaded areas. There was a very nice deep blanket of 30-40cm of new snow.  Within the gladed tree terrain that we travelled both up and down, we did not observe any signs of instability other than some previous small mid storm avalanche activity. Hand shears showed 30-40cm of F+ snow on top of 1F old snow. Did not find any firmer wind slab in the zone we skied. The snow was surprisingly light and soft with little to no wind affect, upper alpine terrain looked to be more wind affected with rippling on the surface. The summit of Mt Warren above 12000 looked very stripped and wind beaten.

There was evidence of numerous avalanches that had run mid storm on east through north facing terrain. Most were D1 and had run a few hundred feet at most. There was some fresh debris that had run to the mouth of the middle chute on the north side of the peak, but I could not see where it had initiated. The more northerly facing chutes looked to have a bit more rippled wind affected snow, but other parties tracks looked to be pretty good.There was one more sizeable storm slab that had released on the east side of the peak around 10000ft, 150' wide 1-1.5' deep 400vert.

The easterly aspects were getting warm and a bit moist around noon, but were not too wet as to produce significant roller balling on ski turns. Although the sun was quite intense and the southerly aspects were baking, we did not observe any active wet loose slides before 2pm. 

North aspects harbored some really high quality powder, last nights clear conditions and cool temps had pulled some of the moisture out of the new snow leaving some super light mid winter like snow. We stuck to lower angle terrain and enoyed the benefits.

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Weather Observations
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Crystal clear and warm, light to no wind.

33F @ 1230pm @ 9700ft

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