Lundy Canyon -Snow and weather conditions

Gilcrest pk
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Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 1:30pm
38° 1' 14.358" N, 119° 13' 25.1688" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

The day started out quite sunny and got progressively hazier with heavier overcast skies during the mid-afternoon. Temperatures were warm throughout the day with some small rollerballing and minor point releases on East aspects starting at 1130am. The diffusion of direct solar gain by the cloud cover helped keep intense heating at bay. Northerly aspects and surface conditions stayed cool above 9000ft, while lower elevations new snow, even on shady aspects, was getting heavier and dense by 1pm. Low elevations snowfields, devoid of new surface snow displayed springy pseudo corn like conditions on the way out the canyon today. New snow depths from the past storms steadily increased in elevation with 2-4cm at 8000ft up to the deepest deposits being upwards of 35cm of settled, well-bonded spring powder on previous wind loaded NE aspects. The new snow displayed a 4F hardness 15cm surface over lying the bottom 15-20cm of soft Fist  hardness snow that is bonded pretty well everywhere I traveled today on N-NE-E aspects. I could not get the new snow to pull off or slide on older firmer surfaces in a number of hand pits performed today. There was some areas of cross loaded deeper drifts that were dense in nature, but I could not get any reactivity in regards to sliding while ski cutting or stomping on them. Probably some potential for some of these deeper deposits to be a bit unstable on unsupported or steep convexities where the snowpack doesn’t have legs. Kick turn tests yielded no results.

There was from 110-135cm of total snow depth in the most well filled in areas of the snowpack today on Gilchrest pk.

35degF @ 1pm @ 10600ft, light w winds

44degF @ 2pm @ 7800ft

Snowpack photos: 
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