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Deer Creek Shoulder
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Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 1:00pm
38° 1' 18.678" N, 119° 12' 28.5516" W
Snowpit Observations
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What a beautiful day in the hills!  I did some powder skiing on Deer Creek Shoulder and walked the ridge up towards Mt. Warren.

Decent coverage from the road to the top of the lateral moraine (roadside attraction) with avg HS: 80cm and avg HST: 4in from the road to 8K.  From 8K-10K HST: 6in-8in on protected, shady slopes provided surfy turns on settled powder.  There were areas of patchy windboard that were easy to identify and avoid on the descent.  A thin "wind skin" capping the settled powder appeared to be decomposing.

On all slopes sampled below treeline the snowpack felt consistently hollow near the ground via numerous pole probes throughout the day.  I dug a snow pit at 9150' on a sheltered N aspect that confirmed the poor snowpack structure with sugary grains pouring out of the pit wall near the ground.  The various faceted layers comprising the bottow 30-40cm of the snowpack in this location were moist and appeared to be rounding.  Additionally, they were nonreactive in an ECT and CT. 

The snowpack here seems to have adjusted to the weight from our last couple storms although I wouldn't trust similar structure in more committing/extreme terrain, especially higher in elevation.  

Photo 1: 1/18 Skier-triggered avalanche

Photo 2: Breakable crust on uptrack

Photo 3: Wind damage near treeline

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Beautiful day with calm winds up to 10.5K and warm temps

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