Lundy Canyon

Near crown of Lundy slab avalanche from 20190118
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Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 4:30pm
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38° 1' 4.4112" N, 119° 12' 31.3812" W
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Went to investigate the layers near the crown of the recent remotely triggered slab avalanche in Lundy Canyon. The old crown is still visible through the newly wind deposited snow from the January 20 into 21 storm. The slab ran in the facets near the ground. The terrain is a rocky, convex rollover that gets windloaded with westerly winds. Snow depth where we dug, to the skiers right on a lower angle was 200 cm. Snow depth in the actual avalanche path looks less deep than where we dug. Snow depth at the time when the slide ran was at least 40 cm less than it is now. There were fracture propagation cracks that extended 30m to the skiers right of the crown onto the lower angle terrain. That made us not want to venture out to the actual crown in above 40 degree terrain. It is possible that the basal facets are starting to be buried too deep in a lot of places. But the snow cover is still very variable and snow depth at ridges goes from wind scoured bare ground to 0ver 200 cm depth within 10 or 20 m. The shallow spots where the very weak basal facet layer could be triggered are still plentyful. In our stability tests we actually got some results under the most recent 40 cm of wind slab deposited on 01/20 into 01/21. Shovel tilt at 40 cm upon shovel insertion below the layer in question.  CTM 16 SC @ 23 and 40 cm and ECTP 13 @ 40 cm on what looked to me like near surface faceting that got buried by the last storm. Dug down to the basal facets which were very rotten. DT 15 on moist 2mm facets, SC on the rocky ground. 

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