Lundy Canyon

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - 11:30am
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38° 1' 38.4276" N, 119° 10' 49.9656" W
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Toured up the south moraine from the end of the plowing on Lundy Lk Rd to the top of a knob on the bench that leads to Mt. Warren. Turned around at about 9600' and skied back down to the car.

-Few signs of instability today on the low angle slopes we skied. Snow depth ranged between 120cm and 140cm. Air temps -6C. Snow surface temp -10C.

-Snow structure along the North facing walls of Lundy canyon is right side up; low density over harder snow. Top half of the snowpack seems to be layers of fragmented precip particles over layers of wind deposit. CTs had moderate results. ECT did not propagate. See attached profile.

-Kick tests on steeper, leeward rolls and on a steep switchback did break up in to 3' square blocks about 12" down into the snow. Took moderate force to break them off and got one to slide about three feet on a buried wind crust, again about 12" under the surface. Wind affected snow was present and ski penetration was reduced the higher we went. Wind drifts and cornices on the N face of Mt. Warren point to W and S winds recently. Today was totally calm and no blowing snow. While wind slabs were stubborn and small on our low angle ski, steeper terrain with leeward convexities could be more touchy.

-Winds had been calm enough and temps cold enough that 2-3mm surface hoar was found on more sheltered slopes. It will probably melt off if things warm up into the weekend.

-The skiing was stellar as long as you picked your terrain carefully to avoid bigger and steeper wind loaded slopes.

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