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Monday, April 2, 2018 - 12:45pm
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38° 0' 7.2" N, 119° 13' 39" W
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Toured up the Deer Creek drainage from Lundy Canyon to look at how the warming vs. winds was going to shake out. Very windy above about 8700' in the morning with lots of blowing snow from the top of Gilcrest Peak and Mt. Warren (see videos). Most of the snow looked like it was sublimating from strong winds, but some areas of localized blowing snow were probably building very small, very isolated wind slabs above 10,000' on easterly aspects from W winds.

Poor refreeze overnight below ~9600' with Tsurf and T-20 both being 0 degrees C at several field weather locations on E aspects taken before 11am, even with the surface still being dry 1F hard melt-freeze crust. The first site where T-20 was below freezing was on an E aspect at 10,200' at 11:20am where T-20=-3 deg C. Sky went from broken hazy clouds in the morning to scattered clouds by 11am. Winds were moderate and variable in Deer Creek and strong with extreme gusts from the W at the top of the ridge between Gilcrest and Mt. Warren (11,100'). Winds were keeping the surface cold and hard until 11:15am when the sun finally started to be able to soften the snow and transition from melt-freeze crust to corn. Things changed quite quickly after that.

Good corn skiing from 11,100' to about 9300' on the way down when things got pretty soft and unsupported (1:10pm). Ski pen by that point was about 20cm and we had big rollerballs coming down from our turns. Many small new rollerballs coming down from E facing rock bands on Gilcrest on our descent (see photo). No new avalanches observed. No other signs of instability today.

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