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Tuesday, December 29, 2020 - 10:30am
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Mammoth Lakes Basin 37° 36' 38.5488" N, 119° 0' 13.68" W
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Today I dug in the forest down low(8840 feet) on a NW aspect to see if I could find facets on the ground.  They were there alright and there was also a 1f slab above them.  I conducted a CT and an ECT to look at bonding specifically at the level of the facets and didn't get results that low.  Where I did get CT results was on a layer just below the new snow. 21cm deep maybe stiffened by the wind at the bottom. CTM SP down 21cm, but also ECTN 13 down 21cm.

In plain english, I found weak snow on the ground, but didn't find it to be reactive in this location.  I did find a weak layer below the new snow, but the slab had not formed enough cohesion to get propagating results.

I'm going to to post a series of the same or similar data here to show some possibilities of how to make observations for my Level 1 Avalanche Course Students.  Hopefully we can get some more for you tomorrow when we tour a bit further.

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Clear and crisp today.  No wind, which was great given the relatively cold temperatures.

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