Lee Vining Canyon Snow Conditions

Skiers Right Trees of V Bowl
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Sunday, March 10, 2019 - 1:15pm
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37° 55' 48.1908" N, 119° 11' 23.964" W
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There was a trace to 1" of new snow at V bowl area in Lee Vining canyon today. Only got up to 9000ft in elevation and it looked like there was a bit more new snow in wind depostited areas up high. A majority of the terrain above tree line looked quite wind effected and variable in snow surface condition. East aspects through sunny aspects in V bowl held sun crusts of varying breakability. North and NE aspects still harbored good soft powder of 25-30cm in depth. Did not observe any signs of instability during the tour. It looked like a decent avalanche had slid down the main V bowl slope during last weeks storm. Although there was no crown visible there was obvious furrowed debris in the lower third of the V bowl path.

Large cornices have formed along the break over of the Dana Plateau, and there was just a bit of wind transported snow blowing around today.

Dug a snowpit to look for the 2/14 raincrust. I dug on a NE aspect, 8868ft  and the 2/14 raincrust was 70cm below the surface and was 20cm thick with a smaller layer of 2cm Knife hard layer bordered by P- melt/freeze forms on top and bottom. Snow on either side of this layer was well bonded and there was no fracture or propogation found on these interfaces during stability tests.

Snowpack is starting to transition from a cold winter snowpack, to a more homogeneous spring pack, but looks to have a way to go still, especially with on-going cold tempertures and continued unsettled weather and storm events. Stability tests showed an overall solid and stable snowpack  below treeline. Kick turn tests=negative. Hand shears did not identify any layers of concern in the upper surface snow.

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Clear, yet cool day with light winds at V bowl day today 

26F @ 1pm

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