Lakes Basin Snowpack Observations

Lake Mary Ridge
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Wednesday, December 30, 2020 - 12:45pm
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Snowpit Observations
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AIARE Level 1 students toured around below treeline elevations today gathering formal and informal snowpack observations to compare with ESAC forecast. 

Thin cloud cover with below freezing temps at 0845 soon gave way to mostly clear skies and increasing solar radiation as well as increased temperature. Soft snow was easily found on north facing slopes and under tree cover, though many slopes had either become moist or begun to refreeze by early afternoon. Light winds out of the NW were strong enough to blow remaining snow out of trees, but no loading was observed at this elevation.

Snowpack depth ranged from 20 to 70cm. Several pits easily identified the weak snowpack structure, and informal probing also IDed it across the tour area, and Compression tests (CTM) identified the slab and weak layer, though ECTN29 and ECTX results did not show any potential for propagation here.

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