June - Negatives

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Friday, March 9, 2018 - 3:00pm
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37° 43' 37.3548" N, 119° 5' 57.3504" W
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Afternoon tour off the back of June up the negatives and back in-bounds to June, to check on new windslab development and sensitivity.

Light winds down low, moderate gusts above 10,000', strong over ridgetops around 11,000' from SW.  Period of blue skies, with increasing clouds in afternoon to almost entirely cloudy.  

Some snow transport during harder gusts, but didn't find significant new wind deposits from today, as there is very little loose snow left.  Wind board and slabs that were found today mostly all failed with moderate force to hard force, some cleanly, some roughly.  Ski cuts along the top of several NE facing chutes produced no results ... mostly VERY hard wind-board.  Evidence of old tracks could be found in some places, others they were blown away or covered up.  This isn't to say that triggerable wind-slab is not possible to find in the negatives, but I didn't find any in the places I poked around.  Overall very wind-effected at tree line and above.  

Probing down 1m+ in many places, I couldn't detect a weak facet layer, but that is at least partially because it is probably deeper than that in most places.

WNW aspects skinning back in bounds to June was melt-freeze, but still quite supportable and moisture was not getting too deep.  Some evidence of very small rollerballs from near cliff bands on steep SE aspects over 10,500' probably from 2 days ago when winds were not keeping things cool.   

No evidence of any instabilities today, but proceeded with caution with all the wind yesterday and last night, and the lesser amount that continued today.  

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