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Dream Bowl
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Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 12:15pm
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Rapid warming
Dream Bowl 37° 44' 15.756" N, 119° 5' 53.3328" W
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We went for a tour in the June Mountain backcountry today down to Yost Meadow and up Dream Bowl.  Snowpack is thin to non-existent from about 8000' down in the June Lakes area.  Everything but sheltered north facing terrain above above ~9,000 was either heavily wind effected or some variation of sun crust or moist saturated "knee breaker" snow.  HS today ranged from 120cm's at 9,720' on an east aspect to 295cm's at 10,200' on a NE aspect.  At 1020 in Yost Meadow at 9,250' Tsurf was 0C, Boot pen was 8cm and Ski pen was 5cm.  The surface snow at this location was a melt freeze crust.  In Dream Bowl at 1215 on a NE aspect at 10,200' Tsurf was -1C and ski pen was 10cm's in .5 - 1mm DF's.  The ski quality on northery, shaded and protected terrain above 9,500' in Dream Bowl was some of the best I've experienced since January.           

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Dream Bowl conditions
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Today was another warm day in the mountains.  It was 0C at the June Mountain Base area (7,500') at 8:15.  The warmest temp observed today was 9C at 1415 at 9,230' in lower Yost Meadows.  At our highest point of 10,200' it was 3C at 1215 in the afternoon.  Skies started out with a few clouds in the AM, but built to scattered clouds with some filtered sun by the afternoon.  Winds were light out of the SW in the AM, but by the afternoon it was consistently moderate out of the SW with strong gusts.  No blowing snow was observed in the AM, but as the winds increased in the PM, I observed bannering off of the ridgetops and moderate amounts of snow being moved on or near the snow surface in Dream Bowl.  On our second lap, as we skinned up, our skin track had up to 1cm of snow blown into it, and occasioanly more in isolated spots.       

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