June to Mammoth - Weather and conditions

San Juaquin Ridge
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Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 12:00pm
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37° 42' 25.6032" N, 119° 5' 36.1536" W
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Toured from June Mtn to Mammoth Mtn today along the San Juaquin Ridge to check on a wide variety of aspects for signs of instability.  In short, no signs of avalanche instability anywhere.  There were some small cornice features on a variety of aspects that could be dangerous if one crept unknowingly too close to the edge.  Ski crampons made skinning more casual in several locations where conditions were quite firm (especially the hour glass couloir).  

It was a beautiful day, with blue skies and a bit stronger than expected ridgetop winds that blew consistently out of the SW in the moderate ~20mph range.  Winds were light at lower elevations, and temperatures remained chilly up above 10,000', especially with the breeze.  At 11:15am ontop of San Juaquin Mtn at ~11,600' air temp was -6.5°C (20°F).  

We started our tour off the top of June Mtn just after 9 and finished up at Mammoth a bit before 2.  Conditions were firm all along the way, and travel went quickly.  SE-S aspects softened a bit by mid day above 9500', but not as much as expected with the stronger breeze than expected.  Below 9500' surface softening was a bit more prounounced, but still very supportable and nothing close to the realm of concerning stability-wise.  We skied a short SE facing pitch at ~11,000 at 10:30am, which was just beginning to soften slightly (see attached photo).  

Snow surfaces were quite dramatically wind effected from all the back and forth extreme winds over the past month, and besides some solar aspects that were softening from the sun, little else looked appealing to ski.  (see attached photos).  Only a couple of sections required booting along the ridge that were stripped bare.  None-the-less, a great day out in the mountains.  This wouldn't normally be such a "trip-report" type observation, but there quite simply isn't too much to talk about in the realm of stability concerns at the moment.   

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