June Lake Area- Snowpack and Weather conditions-Negatives

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021 - 11:30am
Hour glass & Negatives 37° 43' 35.3928" N, 119° 5' 36.2292" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

It was eerily vacant at June Mountain this morning and cold and crisp. The sun starting poking out around 11am and it helped cut the 13degF temperatures. There was a brisk northeasterly wind that was blowing around 25mph during the mid-day hours at 11000ft. Scuds of cloud enveloped most of the highest peaks of the crest today and there was a bit of light snow blowing around. I traveled up the hourglass and surveyed the upper terrain for wind slab development if any. There was just a trace of new snow in the June Area mid-morning. I did not find any new wind slab. Thin depositions of new snow were found where the wind had stripped rime deposits from the crowns of white bark pine trees at tree line around 11000ft. There were a few tiny drifts loaded up on the west side of groups of trees in the upper hourglass gully. All aspects in the alpine looked quite haggard, stripped to harboring no snow at all. I descended down a due north aspect in the Negatives zone and found shallow snow from 10,600 down. Snow depths of 45-60cm were nearly completed faceted (4F-F) and I experienced ski penetration of upwards of 25cm where snow wasn’t capped by firm wind board. It was one turn at a time to avoid hitting rock at speed. Firmer wind board sections had knife hard surfaces from 10-20cm deep encapsulating faceted 4F-F hardness snow. Wind loaded areas measured 90-100cm, but there wasn’t much scope to deeper areas. Overall the snow is scabby, thin, and incredibly spatially variable.  Not much consistency in structure through this zone. Lower elevations within the trees all had a surface melt-freeze crust which was robust on sunny aspects and easily skied through on shady north aspects. Upon ski cutting and jumping on previously wind loaded areas, dis-connected panels of snow between shallower rock zones etc. none of these tests  produced any results, no-cracking, no moving snow or other signs of instability.

Snowpack photos: 
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