June Lake Area-San Joaquin Mountain, Negatives

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 1:30pm
Negatives 37° 43' 35.6016" N, 119° 5' 50.3232" W
Snowpit Observations
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I wanted to dig a pit in one of the most windloaded catchment zones I could find in the Negatives to chart the high end of snow depth in the forecast area. There was 155cm total depth on a NE aspect. (See attached snowprofile). The pit showed a fairly uniform stratigraphy of windpacked upper layers and a solid lower half. A compression test showed a moderate result CT13 Q2 at a hardness change between different wind-packed layers at 63 cm below the surface, but it did not have much energy and the shear was Q2. Although there were some northerly winds in the early morning hours today, yesterday's SW prevailing winds had blown in the NE terrain quite nicely. From around 10900ft down to 9800ft there was 15-30cm of light blown in snow on the surface. Sunny aspects were getting wet and warm throughout mid morning and into the afternoon. The trees became sticky whereever the sun and warm ambient temperatures were present. Overall though, like a broken record, snow depths are super variable and snow surfaces a mixed bag of everything imaginable.

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Weather Observations
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A very warm day when in the sun and at lower to mid elevations. It was just a nudge above freezing in the shade at 11,000 ft at 1:00pm. On the ridgetop around 11,000 ft there was a light to moderate breeze from the SW. Skies were slightly hazy, but there was still intense solar gain on sunny aspects. Snow surfaces were becoming wet on the S and W aspects by mid day. Skin wax was mandatory when traveling through the trees and at lower elevations.

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