June - Hemlock Ridge

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Monday, December 30, 2019 - 12:45pm
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37° 44' 35.6676" N, 119° 6' 8.0424" W
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Toured off the back of J7 ontop of June Mtn and up and down Hemlock Ridge to the road at 4 seasons.  Didn't venture into the alpine due to the low visibility.  Socked in most of the day to below 9000' with light flurries, with cloud layer lifting gradually in the afternoon (see attached pic at 9500').   About 1-1.5" of new snow overnight (unfortunately not the 8-10" that were given as a slight possibility for the upslope/lake effect that NOAA mentioned).  Calm winds with light gusts above 10,000', but not moving any snow around at these low elevations (couldn't tell what was happening at higher elevations).  No signs of instability in any of the areas we toured today.  Hand just pulled thru most of the handpit culumns tested, and the pit dug at 10,200' on a relatively protected area an easterly aspect resulted in no compression test failures (see attached profile).  Skied down the steeper confined chutes off the eastern edge of Hemlock ridge, again no stability concerns encountered, with suprisingly little sloughing.  Cautious skiing due to the shallow pack, but totally soft and delightful snow quality.  Pack got shallower and shallower down to the road at 7400', but adequately suportable skiing while dodging the obstacles.  

The alpine wind-loading is a still a question mark ... wouldn't be surpsised given the forecast if there would be some sensitive pockets up there.           

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