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Saturday, March 30, 2019 - 2:45pm
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37° 43' 45.2172" N, 119° 6' 0.5616" W
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Couldn't ask for a nicer day up in the mountains!  Blue skies, barely any wind, good snow and few signs of instability.  Toured off the back of June, up the hourglass, down a central gully that faced ever so slightly north of east, up and down Hemlock Ridge and down to the road.  Handpits in un-wind effected areas consistently showed good bonding, and in areas of windslab failed variably with moderate to hard force and mostly clean shears.  Did an ECT test just below the ridgeline on a north facing 40° slope at 11,150' in an area of dense wind slab.  Test failed and propogated with moderate force (ECTP15), but was quite resistant to sliding.  8cm Pencil+ wind slab ontop of 4Finger+ snow.  See attached photo.  Overall impression was it would be quite hard to trigger a wind slab today, but not impossible in an isolated spot.  Saw some evidence of skier triggered sloughing that occured today in steep east facing terrain off Hemlock Ridge.  Surface snow on solar aspects were softening mildly (SE slope, 10,500' at 1pm - top 8cm moist on cold dry snow).  Found mild surface melt/softening while skiing across east facing aprons at ~10,500' as well, and some tiny rollerballs coming off of cliffs in this area.  North facing slopes stayed cold and dry (and soft where protected!) all the way to road at 7500'.  Alpine had variable areas of supportable wind slab and some soft breakable, but mostly quite good skiing.  Big smile turns throughout.

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Full-sun all day until the evening hours when clouds began to develop.  Air temps were cool, 0°C at 9,600' at 12:30pm, and -1°C at 11,100' at 2:!5pm.  Calm winds with occasional light breeze.    

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