Intense Snowfall at June Lake Area

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Saturday, March 2, 2019 - 7:30pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
37° 46' 34.8024" N, 119° 4' 19.236" W
Snowpit Observations
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Traveled around the June Lake area today and measured upwards of 12" of new snow  by mid morning 1030am. Snowfall was intense through midday with little to no wind and it was just at freezing 32deg. Quite wet and soggy but great cushiony powder skiing, kind of silky, not too wet, and great turns. By the end of the day there was nearly 18" of snow and although there was a bit of pinwheeling, and there was probably a bit of wet loose potential if you were riding in steep and confined terrain, I wasn't able to get any avalanche of any size moving. Again this could have been a different story up high or in complex terrain. I did not find any slab in the lower elevations below 10000ft, but did not venture into steeper or extreme terrain. Around 3pm, winds did pick up from the west and there was visible wind transport off Carson and Dream Peak. Skied a northwesterly aspect 36deg slope, at 4pm, which had an established melt-freeze crust beneath the new snow. Winds were stiffening the new snow and drifting it behind terrain features, but upon ski cutting, nothing moved. The newer snow with its high water content was well bonded and there was just minor roller balling and pin wheeling on the surface. If you ski cut unsupported cut banks or small cliffs you could get small panels of snow to cleave off, but any slope with compressive stength or continuity in new snow wasn't slabbed up at the point of early evening today.

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