Hemlock Ridge behind June - Snowpack, weather

Helock Ridge
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Sunday, January 3, 2021 - 2:30pm
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37° 44' 34.5588" N, 119° 6' 8.2152" W
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Toured off of J7 on June Mtn ouf to Yost Lake and up the NE to N facing slopes of Hemlock Ridge up to ~10,200', back down and back inbounds to June to the bottom of J7.  Morning started off with some blue sky, but clouds completely covered sky in the afternoon with Air temps of +2°C at 10,000' at 2:30pm.  Clouds really kept some heat in, and snow surfaces got gloppy up to ~9,200'.  Barely any wind today, with very light W to SW breeze at higher elevations (not moving any snow around).  Thin snowpack here like most places, but skiable with caution if you aren't averse to scraping some rocks and skipping over some logs.  Simiilar snowpack here as well as most other places explored this year.  ~60cm average snowdepth in sheltered terrain around 10,000' on northerly facing slopes, with weak basal facets.  See attached profile.  ECTP hard in the bottom layer of facets.  Good ski quality from 9000-10,000', too bad so many obstacles!   

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