Hemlock - June - windy morning, variable conditions

Hemlock behind June
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Saturday, February 20, 2021 - 2:30pm
37° 44' 33.3492" N, 119° 6' 7.1748" W
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Afternoon tour off the top of June Mtn, headed up Hemlock Ridge to the summit and down 4 seasons to the rd.  Variable conditions.  Strong SW winds in the early morning shifted out of the north, and gradually decreased to almost calm at 10,600' at the summit of Hemlock Ridge at 2:30pm.  Cloudless afternoon after 1/4-1/2" of snow in the early morning.  Chilly temps, -8°C / 18°F at 9300' at 1:15pm.

Scattered isolated small pockets of inconsequential shallow wind deposits from today, mostly less than 2" deep.  The most significant one I found was in upper treed terrain that was 4-6" deep and about a ski length long, see pic.  Dug a couple pits, see attached for ENE aspect at 9300'.  Of note was 2 shallow melt-freeze crust / facet combos that could become concerning if/when we get a new load of snow on top.  Dug another in lower elevation trees at 8500', NNW aspect, to test basal facets.  ECTX x 2, and modified extended deep tap test also X result x 2.  Total Snow depth here was 136cm, with the bottom 47cm made of 1 finger hard 2mm facets.  

Wind effects throughout the treed hemlock slope, many areas a criss-crossed tick-tac-toe board mess of old raised tracks in various stages of decomposition.  Ski crampons would have been nice on the way up, and the way down was variable and challenging.  Lower elevation more sheltered trees held softer faceted snow. 

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