Hammil Bowl - wind effects, ECTP at tree-line, no signs of instability

Hammil Bowl
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Sunday, January 10, 2021 - 12:00pm
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37° 34' 18.7932" N, 119° 0' 10.1412" W
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Toured from Tamarack TH out to Hammil Bowl and up to the ridgetop at 11150'.  Mostly blue skies with clouds off in the distance and light winds out of the east mid-slope and moderate gusts from the south at the ridgetop.  Air temp 0.5°C at 11:30 @ 11,150'.  Sugary faceted surface snow in sheltered trees, and highly wind-effected surfaces near treeline and above.  No signs of instability, and very minimal snow transport.  Dug a pit at 10,300' amongst small pines at the edge of treeline, see attached profile.  ~50cm total snow-depth, bottom ~20cm well developed facets, ECTP25 at the top of this facet layer.  Very variable snow surfaces near treeline and above from firm windboard, to etched, to smooth and chalky (but not too much breakable!).  Slopes with aspects facing the sun and that were flat were getting moist on on our exit just after noon.  Shallow and sharky, tagged a few rocks, but some patches of good turns as well.   

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