Esha Peak

Esha Peak
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Friday, March 25, 2016 - 12:15pm
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37° 30' 51.4332" N, 118° 47' 49.3872" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

Toured up from McGee Creek trailhead parking (7,800', road totally clear, as is atleast a few miles of trail up McGee Creek beyond) up Esha Cyn to Esha Peak ~12,400. 

-Calm winds, except for light southerly breeze at ridgeline.  Full sun, blue skies.  0 degrees celsius at summit (12,400') at noon.  

-Evidence of northerly to westerly winds that picked up yesterday afternoon, as boot pack and ski tracks from party skiing Esha yesterday were totally blown over in some places.  

-Hand pits testing old windslab formation below soft recently desposited surface snow resulted in some clean failures but requiring moderate force.  A few isolated areas were found where new windslab from previous afternoon's winds was fairly sensitive, but these were shallow (not more that 2-3 inches), and very small and isolated.  

-1pm, 9,000' open north facing 32 degree slope: Snow surface slightly moist down to atleast 8cm (this is where very firm old wind crust was).  ~9,500' steeper (35 deg) northerly facing slopes had small rollerballs forming as a result of skiing.

-No signs of rollerballs today atleast until early afternoon.  

-Evidence of loose-wet slides on McGee Mountain, east face, ~9500' elevation.  Small.  Occured yesterday (Thursday), as observers noted clean slopes in the morning, and saw the small slide debris mid-mountain on their return in the afternoon from the highway.   

-southerly facing slopes bordering esha canyon are mostly burned out to ground.  Enough snow in bottom of canyon to skin all the way to the mouth of the canyon bottom at ~8,400'.  A few patches of rock in upper reaches that required booting over.  Possible to ski a very small shallow ribbon out of canyon to 8,000' almost to creek ... melting super quick!

-Variable snow conditions overall.  North face all wintery, but various wind effects.  Some patches and stretches of soft good snow, many stretches of firm wind-board, very limited areas of soft breakable crust.  In canyon, some good stretches of corn snow.   

Weather Observations
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More detailed information about the weather: 

Clear skies, calm winds except ligh southerly breeze at ridgetop (12,400').  Warm temps down low, but 0 deg. C at summit at noon.  

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