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Sunday, January 10, 2016 - 1:30pm
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37° 30' 51.372" N, 118° 47' 58.0416" W
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Toured up Esha Canyon to 12200'.  Beautiful clear day, calm winds, temps in the upper 20s at higher elevations.  Strong winds hammered the area yesterday at mid to high elevations, SW over ridgetops, but across the main face of Esha from the East.  Very variable surface conditions from windscoured down to bare rocks in areas, to deep deposits, to firm crusts that were hard to edge on and everything in between.  Many handpits and handshears done, along with a couple deeper test pits, including the profile attached a couple hundred feet below ridge.  Very variable results with handshears, from easy clean failures of 2-5" thick windslab at surface, to non-reactive, to rough planar hard shears.  Pit with attached profile at a spot that was 140cm deep showed consistent CT failures, but ECTs did not propagate (one did propagate after 5-6 harder taps, but in order for an official "propagation" the fracture needs to propagate after 1 additional tap).  Extra caution was taken with route finding due to yesterdays high winds.  No results with ski cuts over convexities.  Evidence of older natural slides that occured during storm event (small debris piles).  Developed basal facets found in many areas.

Challenging skiing condiitons, except for middle 1000' or so in gully where snow was protected from wind and snowpack was deep enough not to be hitting rocks.  Low down, thin snowpack, scraping rocks unavoideable.  *could ski out of canyon all the way to the creek, albeit cruising thru and over bushes.

*Flock of Big Horn Sheep spotted :-)   


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