East slope above Convict Lake Resort

East bowl above convict lake resort
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Friday, January 13, 2017 - 3:00pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
37° 35' 50.4636" N, 118° 51' 47.628" W
Snowpit Observations
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-Route:  From convict Lake resort up east facing bowl to ridgeline, back down.

-A half dozen quick hand pits done in route, one quick test pit and ECT test.  In summary, some interesting layers, but after investigation, nothing proving concerning.  Details follow:

-7,800:  ~7" of new low density snow ontop of raincrust

-Some tiny pockets of thin wind crusts above 8,400' on edge of gully where northerly winds deposited snow just on other side of rib.  ~2cm thick, very weak, easy to ski right through.  Just below ridgetop on SE facing slopes this windcrust was slightly thicker (~3cm) and denser, but still too thin to be of concern to propagate as a slab.  

-8,500' ENE facing 36degree slope:  Some interesting layers, but tests proved they weren't concerning.  See attached pit diagram.  18" (47cm) of snow ontop of raincrust (top 14" (35cm) low density new snow, 4" below that more dense Fist + snow ontop of crust).  Total snow depth = 40.5" (103cm).  Top rain crust is thin, ~2cm thick, underneath that a 3-4cm layer of soft decomposing precip. particles exists, underneath that is re-frozen rain saturated snow to the ground.  Of note, Hand shears did fail with hard force within that thin low density layer between crusts (when pushing on that upper crust, but CT and ECT tests did not fail in that layer.  ECT test did fail, but barely propoagated width of shovel in subtle density change within Fist+ snow above rain crust.  

-Calm winds this late afternoon on this slope(appears that winds did blow light to moderate earlier in the day toward in the upper reaches of this slope).  

-Snow banners were visible this evening over the tops of Laural Mtn and Mt Morrison (see attached pic) from NE winds, most likely resulting in potentially sensitive sizeabe windslabs on the SW side of the peaks.       

-19deg F at 3:30pm just over 9,000' at ridgetop.       

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