E Gully Mt Tom - Wind effect

E Gully Mt Tom
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Friday, March 8, 2019 - 1:15pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
37° 20' 38.6268" N, 118° 38' 29.148" W
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Toured up form Horton Creek Rd up E Gully to 12,300' and back down.  Beautiful day, but quite wind-effected throughout.  Chris skied a different line yesterday and most of mtn. was un-wind-effected.  Winds must have picked up DRAMATICALLY overnight.  Lots of areas of scour, wind board, breakable crusts, and some textured patches of soft snow.  Very variable surfaces.  Wind seen blowing snow over main higher ridge most of the day, but only for some short periods over ridgeline we climbed to.  Some concerning hand-pits with quite easy shears, but not that clean.  Some areas of 5-6" of pencil hard ontop of fist snow, and every other mixture of surface layers you could imagine.  Was cautious negotiating some of the more concerning patches.    Challenging booting / wallowing last 1500' ... some areas of breakable crust with thigh deep soft snow under.  Lots of evidence of avalanche activity during the last storm on Monday ... D2-3.  No shooting cracks or whoophing where we travelled, but some areas of hollow sounding windslab.  Imagine that some areas out there would have more sensitive wind slabs then we came across, as snow was seen blowing over many sourounding ridges.  SE facing slopes below 9000' had shallow surface melt today, and had a breakable melt-freeze crust at 2:30.  Mellow non-north facing slopes below 7000' had crunchy re-frozen crusts by 3pm.   

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Blue skies until early afternoon, then some increasing patchy clouds over Mt. Tom.  Variable SW winds over highest ridgeline most of day, with periods of winds transporting snow over sub ridges as well.  0°C at 10:15am at 8,400', -10°C at 12,300' at 2:00pm.   

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