Dream Peak, Northeast - Solar and Persistent Weakness Assessment

Dream Peak, Northeast
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Saturday, February 3, 2018 - 2:45pm
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Obvious avalanche path
Dream Peak, Northeast 37° 44' 15.72" N, 119° 5' 57.48" W
Snowpit Observations
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Observer: d lewis
Loc: Dream Peak, Northeast 
Lat/Lon:37.7377, -119.0993
Elevation: 10100 f
Aspect: NE Angle: 29°
Signs of Instability: Pin Wheels
Sky Cover: -FEW
Precipitation: No Precipitation
Current Temp:2°C
Snow Temperature 20cm:-6° C

Comments: Toured up into the bowl below Dream Peak to assess the sun effect and persistent weaknesses. Approach was the breakable crust tour through the trees. Amazing variety of thicknesses and supportiveness. Air temp varied from 2 to 6C. Snow temperature @ 20cm -2 to -4.4 in route with the exception of 0 @ 9700', east aspect. Solar aspects fairly supportive but starting to heat up with some early runnels and melting out in rocky terrain. Ridge line route from the ski area is a mixed bag of supportive melt/freeze crust, frozen tracks and bare ground in places. The meadows below the Negatives has about 6-12" of snow, creek is beginning to open-up. Patches of soft snow only on very protected and shaded slopes. Elsewhere, again a wide variety of melt freeze crusts. Saw a couple recent natural rollarballs that origonated in steep and rocky terrain on easterly aspects above 9500'. No recent avalanches noted but did encounter old debris from last storm cycle (1-27). Tests continue to suggest both upper and mid-pack weaknesses but non-reactive under the current conditions. Snow is really showing the effects of this extended warm dry weather. Beginning to see areas melt out above 9000'. 6 Stability Tests: CT21 Q2 105cm CT21 Q2 105cm Failed simultaneously at 75 cm too in mid-pack on large facets (3mm+) Q3, CT22 Q3, Failed simultaneously at 75 cm too in mid-pack on large facets (3mm+), CT22 Q2 105c, CT26 Q3 75cm In steep terrain possible isolated old Wind Slabs could fail, especially where shallow and if your incredibly unlucky, could step-down.   

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Dream Peak, Not Looking Too Dreamy
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Above Freezing
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Another brutally blue day in the Sierra. 

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