Convict Area - Mono Jim Peak - snow conditions

Mono Jim Peak
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Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 4:15pm
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37° 34' 43.6728" N, 118° 51' 12.78" W
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I toured up to Mono Jim peak in the Convict Lake area on the afternoon of Tuesday the 10th. Southerly winds were blowing as I skinned up and were transporting a bit of snow on the local summits and ridgelines. It was quite amazing that when I transitioned at the summit (10,680ft) it was dead calm and 32F.

Depth of snow on the route up through Old Man’s bowl averaged 30-40cm of unconsolidated dry snow with panels of 1F 10-15cm wind board established on top of the mostly F-4F basal snow. There were numerous skier/boarder tracks throughout Old Man’s and in the main East Gully of Mono Jim. There were a few small D1 point release slides visible in the East side gullies that ran perhaps 100ft vertical at the most and were quite narrow in track.

I ventured onto the Eastern and Northern aspects of Mono Jim and found quite shallow snow (25-40cm) up top (10,650ft) that for the most part was soft and unconsolidated. There were some thicker wind slabs (~20cm) overlying soft snow in isolated locations primarily near and adjacent to rock outcroppings and cliff faces  I did not get anything to propagate upon ski cutting, but I also tried not to expose myself too much. The biggest hazards were the thin conditions and submerged sharp rock.  As I descended in elevation (9494ft) and into a gully feature, I found 100cm HS on a 17deg North Aspect. With some quick Compression Tests I got some moderate to strong results on hardness changes within the top 40cm of snow (see snow profile). Besides a bit of point releasing in steep terrain on ski turns I did not experience any shooting cracks or collapsing of the snow.


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