Convict Area - Mono Jim Peak - snow conditions

East and North side Mono Jim Peak
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 5:15pm
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37° 34' 25.0428" N, 118° 50' 59.2656" W
Snowpit Observations
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It was a drop dead gorgeous day to be out in the Sierra today with broken moving clouds, brilliant sun, and a beautiful blanket of fresh snow. From reports today it sounds like snow totals and wind effects varied greatly across the forecast area. I toured up Mono Jim Peak in the Convict area and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of new snow that had fallen during the early morning hours today. There was 2-3" in the standard gully up route covering the area uniformly. At 10600ft at the top of the skiers right East gully there was a deep windrift right adjacent to ridgeline and the entrance (see picture). I avoided skiing over the meat of it and believe it would have been reactive thus potentially sloughing out the terrain. Snow depths adjacent to the windload were shallower and more manageable. There was at least 12-14" of new snow in the easterly and northerly windloaded aspects above 9600ft and it tapered down to 3-4" at the exits of the gullies. The snow was low density, non wind-affected and was sloughing slowly on ski turns on terrain above 40degrees. I did not observe any slabby conditions or shooting cracks where I was today, but I imagine in more heavily wind affected areas soft slab certainly could have been an issue. There were multiple loose dry snow point releases throughout the area, all running decent distances, but with not much volume. As temperatures increased and the sun came out there was active loose slides in the Mendenhall colouir area of Laurel Mountain.  The new storm instabilities were comprised of loose dry point releases on the shady aspects and warming wet loose point releases on the solar aspects as the day heated up starting around 1030-1100am.

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Weather Observations
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Started skinning around 915am from Convict Lake up to Mono Jim Peak and it was just below freezing and the early morning snow storm had ceased. There was a light southerly breeze down low, and a bit of snow transport up high on Mt. Morrison, but not anything super significant. At 1100am the breeze had almost completely died down. For the most part it was quite sunny in my area today with broken clouds and by midday convective clouds were building over the Glass mountains and in the Sierra. There looked to be some snow flurries up at the higher elevations, but there was nothing where I was at the high point of 10770ft.

32F @ 1100am  @ 10770ft

35F @ 1215pm  @ 10770ft

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