Consistently Variable on Mount Red Cone

Red Cone Bowl
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Sunday, January 17, 2021 - 12:45pm
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Red Cone Bowl 37° 35' 45.7836" N, 119° 1' 28.8768" W
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Toured along with AIARE 1 group from Tamarack XC Center to top of Red Cone today. It was a great day to be out in the mountains, with mild temperatures, light winds and great views. Our objectives were to log conditions on a variety of aspects and to seek out quality ski conditions if we could find them. 

On N facing terrain at 9200' at 1020am, even steep and sheltered slopes had a temperature crust and had a mostly supportable crust. Below this 3cm crust, snow was moist right below the ridge but dry farther down where less sun affect was present. Slightly higher, beginning at 9500' less crust was present and untracked surfaces were cold surface facets where sheltered and open to the sky.

East facing aspects at 9900' were already moist by 1210pm, and wet where steeper. By 1400 this slope had gotten some shade and had refrozen.

In Red Cone Bowl mostly supportable windboard was found with patches of blown in surface facets as well as moist surface grains. A mixed bag, but predictable skiing. Descending back down through the trees along the skin track was challenging skiing.

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1020am 8850' NNE asp. 

-Tair 9.0c, Tsurf 0.0, Boot Pen 5cm

1210pm 9870' NNE asp.

-Tair 8.5c, Tsurf 0.0, T20 -0.5, Ski Pen 3cm, Boot Pen 10cm


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