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chicken wing
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Friday, December 18, 2020 - 6:00pm
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chicken wing 37° 45' 16.8516" N, 119° 2' 12.9192" W
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went to ski on roads and in trees at obsidian flow road...ran into a friend and as things presented stable and  coverage adequate (barely) went up chicken wing.  Snow seemed uniform when probing with pole on north facing side. Knee deep near top, but after top third it started thining out. no cracks, whumps, or settling.  SE and East side had more obstalces as deposition was much less due to sun exposure. Be aware there are plenty of down tress to avoid , rocks etc.  Somone had driven out the road at least to the dome ( we left the road at Hartley sp junction)

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cold calm clear day

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