Conditions below Kindergarden Chute

Kindergarden Chute
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Monday, March 19, 2018 - 3:30pm
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Kindergarden Chute 37° 15' 40.9284" N, 118° 39' 27.1332" W
Snowpit Observations
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On the way up to Kindergarden the snow was really thin, alright coverage starting beneath the wahoo gullies, then pretty good coverage in the cirque beneath Checkered Demon and Humphreys. I did some hand shears on a north and east aspect in the moraines. They both failed on a buried wind slab about 10 inches down, but I didn't think they were very repersentive of what the chute would be. There was a lot of sluff debris in the chute I think is from the during the storm, and a very small cornice at the top, but no crown or avalanche debris in kindergarden. I dug a pit beneath the block between checkered demon and kindergarden and couldn't find the bottom of the snow with my probe. Snow was deeper than 3 meters. I dug a pit about 1.5 meters deep, and couldn't find any layers, and the snowpack was right side up. Fist hard snow from the surface to 15 cm deep, then four finger hard snow for 35 cm, then one finger hard snow to the botom of my pit. I did a shovel compression test with no resulting break. The chutes looked really really good, and the snow beneath them was really good powder. 

There were storm slabs that I think released during the last storm, one on a south face of a moraine below Humphreys, and a large one on the east face of the cirque between Checkered Demon and Humphreys. The east facing one ran a couple hundred feet across and was below some cliffs. Those were the only crowns we saw. There was a little bit of roller balls and loose debris in the Wahoo gullies, and some on the south facing aspects of Humphreys. I didn't end up riding Kindergarden because my partners were really tired and we got a late start.

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There was no wind from the truck up to the moraines, then a light wind blowing from the north in the cirque which was blowing around a small amount of snow, but no widespread or consistent blowing snow. My watch said -7 degrees celcius. Lower down, beneath the wahoo gullies was really warm.

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