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Chicken Wing
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Wednesday, December 30, 2020 - 4:00am
Chicken Wing 37° 45' 28.9368" N, 119° 2' 13.4196" W
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Toured around Chicken Wing today.  I was interested to look for the presence of ground level facets on different elevations and aspects here.  

At 10am in the parking lot, the air temp was 22F.  Clear skies and no wind.  During the tour we saw no cracking, whumping or recent avalance activity.  There were small hoar crystals seen in the parking lot but not seen at slighty higher elevations. At higher elevations (>8500ft) the recent storm had laid down 20-30cm of low density snow.  No wind affected noted from yesterday or last night. Some small snow banners were seen from higher peaks to the NW (Mt Wood, etc). 

During the tour I dug in four places to check for ground level facets:

At 8800 ft on a NW aspect, 15 cm of loose, poorly consolidated facets were present at ground level. (HS=70cm)

At 9100 ft on a W aspects, 15 cm of loose, poorly consolidated facets were present at ground level (HS=50cm)

At 9300 ft on a N aspect, 15cm of loose, poorly consolidated facets were preset at groud level (HS=70cm)

At 9450 ft on an E aspect, 15 cm of poorly consolidated facets were present at ground level (HS=50cm)

I did not perform any stability tests on these layers but would expect the same instabilities that people have noted in the Mammoth Lakes Basin.

On the way down, coverage is still very thin.  Many seen and unseen obstacles. 

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