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Kindergarten chute
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Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 2:00pm
37° 15' 34.3044" N, 118° 39' 22.2732" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

A high haze today kept significant warming in check, but lower elevations still softened up a bit for pleasant skiing midafternoon. The new snow has helped smooth out the surface of the snowpack a bit which is nice. With warming concerns not developing as an issue today I turned focus on to northerly aspects and headed up Kindergarten chute in the Mt. Locke area of the Buttermilks. There was evidence of mid storm point releases in the main Wahoo gully from the 3/01 storm and some minor roller balling from cliff faces. Kindergarten chute also had a slide flow through the length of the couloir which made me feel good about ascending. The slope also has good compressive strength and I did not find any evidence of hard slab development. As you got above 12000ft snow surfaces became more variable with some thin wind board developing to completely stripped zones of snow. The 3/01 snow on steeper slopes below 12000ft  was  4F in hardness and was residing on old degrading snow surfaces of various degrading wind layers composed of slightly faceted rounded snow. Digging down 90cm at 12000ft the old snow was 4F in hardness and fairly cohesive below the top 30cm of new snow.

North-NE aspects were still harboring cold powder snow from around 10200ft up to 12200ft today, with the highest quality snow surfaces being in the belly of the basin where spindrift is depositing and stronger mountain winds haven’t affected it too much yet. The upper reaches of the chute and starting zone have been stripped by the winds except for cross loaded drifting up against the massive skiers left  wall of this piece of terrain where its more due north and loaded from SW flow.  In the lower apron of the chute at 11493ft I couldn’t hit bottom with my 225cm probe and the new snow from March 01 measured from 30-45cm in depth.  It was 31F with down sloping winds of 15-20mph as I started up. SW winds were blowing at a sustained 25mph at 12494ft and it was 29F at 2pm. There was a lot of downslope wind where I was today and spindrift was visible most of the afternoon.

I did not observe any collapsing or significant cracking during travels today except for the minor 2-3cm wind board that came apart in small chunks around the 12000ft elevation. 

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