Buttermilk Country & Bishop Bowl - Mt Locke- snow conditions

Wahoo gully
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Sunday, March 24, 2019 - 7:00pm
37° 15' 40.9356" N, 118° 38' 48.5664" W
Snowpit Observations
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Took a nice long tour starting in Aspendell, up Bishop Bowl, off the north side chute, up the SE side of Mt Locke, down the Wahoo gully, and then a brief skin to get up and over the small ridge north of McGee creek and had a beautiful glide 4 miles down to the truck on the Buttermilk Road. It gave a good overall impression of current snow conditions. We were hoping that yesterdays storm dropped a bit more, but it was a trace to 1" at the most. A few areas, particularly around 10,400 feet in the mid basin below Paiute Crags and the Emerson massif held some nice blown in powder upwards of 6", but for the most part northerly terrain up high was heavily wind affected with about 30% good turns to 70% semi supportable 5-10cm windboard over 15-20cm of 4F snow. Easterly aspects were heavily corrogated with sastrugi, ribbons of smooth firm windboard and semi soft textured zones. Hand shears in the Wahoo showed the 10cm windboard to easily pull off the softer snow beneath, but we did not experience any propogating cracks, collapsing or sensitive surface windslabs etc. Sounds like there was more excitement and action up north with wind slabs where they got quite a bit more snow yesterday than the Bishop area. Some of the SE terrain we skinned up today had deeper wind deposited snow upwards of 5-7cm, but on the low angle terrain we skinned up, it was not reactive nor sensitive. Below 9000ft the snowpack was surely springy and was exhibiting corn like conditions with a nice supportable nature around 4pm. It was an awesome glide down through the desert all the way to 7000ft.

Did not see any recent natural avalanche activity. A few large cornices are hanging in various notchs from Emerson over to the Humphreys ridge.

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Weather Observations
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A hazy day which looked like dust, but with the state being so wet, can't imagine it came from local or regional sources, perhaps the wind patterns brought something over from Asia, but that's a big guess. Some wind up high this morning as we approached the summit of Bishop Bowl, but by 1100am winds tapered to almost non-existent for the rest of our travel today. Good strong sun, but the haze and few afternoon clouds made it feel less intense than previous days. Wasn't as warm either, but we were also travelling at higher elevations for most of the day.

21F @ 1100am @ 12,000ft on Bishop Bowl

25F @ 300pm @ 12,200ft top of Wahoo gully

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